Purnagad Fort (Ratnagiri – Maharashtra – India)

 Purnagad Fort is a fort located 25 km from Ratnagiri, in Ratnagiri district, of Maharashtra. This fort is very small but an important fort in Ratnagiri district for Kanhoji Angre's Navy that evolved as the modern Indian Navy. The Fort is spread over 22 acres and located on a northern hill on Muchkundi River.

The fort is known as one of the bases of Kanhoji Angre's ports. It was used to defend and raid British forces and used for trade with other Europeans. According to some people, it was constructed by the king Shivaji while others give credit to maratha Admiral Kanhoji Angre.

Veeranpuzha Beach (Ernakulam – Kerala – India)

  Veeranpuzha is a lake in Kochi, Kerala, India. It is the northern extension of Vembanad Lake.