OHEL DAVID SYNAGOGUE (Pune - Maharashtra - India)


An old synagogue located in Pune is Ohel David Synagogue or Lal Deval, situated on Moledina Road in Pune. It was the idea of a philanthropist David Sassoon in 1867 and the building came into existence with evident English Gothic style. The design of the synagogue was given by Henry Saint Clair Wilkins, the synagogue resembles a church as it is made of red brick and trap stone structure. It possesses a 90 feet high obelisk on which a watch is hung and it was brought from London.

The synagogue is a part of the cultural heritage of India and it gained fame as a favourite pune tourist places as well. After Israel’s synagogues, Lal Deval is the largest synagogue in Asia. The synagogue can be visited by normal people after seeking a prior permission from the Pune police as it is guarded by them always and unannounced visits will not be entertained. Also, photography is strictly prohibited inside and around the building. The synagogue’s construction happened from 1862 to 1867 and now the area where the synagogue is situated is known as Pune Camp, a military district established by the British Indian Army. The synagogue has served the city’s Baghdadi Jewish community for years.

The clock tower in the synagogue is detailed with Gothic-style pointed arched openings and the roof is a pitched slate. The building is enormously huge and holds an impressive space to accommodate more than 100 families together. In the original plan, the central nave with it tebah was separated from the side aisles by a colonnade and above the side aisles, we can see a gallery where the gender separation happens and the women sat there. This beautiful and one of the most visited places to see in Pune, features tall windows with transoms brimming with a geometric pattern of stained glass, the floor is full of grey marbles and the gallery is protected by the wooden guardrail and so on.

Location: Dr. Ambedkar Road Moledina Road (Opposite Nehru Memorial Hall), Gawaliwada Camp, Pune - 411001

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