NAGZIRA WILDLIFE SANCTUARY (Gondia – Maharashtra – India)


This wonderful, exciting animal kingdom was once ruled by the Gond kings. Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary gets its name from a nag temple situated in the heart of the sanctuary and the temple of Mahadeo

This is a lush green forest, surrounded by hilly slopes, which form part of the Gaikhuri Hills of the southern Satpura range. The hills are interspersed with narrow plateaus and the eastern portion is predominantly flatland. Dry, deciduous trees, grass and thorny plants abound.

In the central portion of Nagzira, bamboo is found in abundance.On the outer fringes bamboo is absent or of poor quality, due to illicit cutting – erosion due to grazing has also taken place in these areas. This wildlife sanctuary is a living repository of various eco-nomical, medicinal, aromatic and ornamental plant species.

Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary is a miraculously preserved green oasis covering 152 sq km in the north-eastern corner of Maharashtra. This small reserve has a great importance from a biodiversity and conservation point of view. It is an important corridor linking southern and central forested areas, like Tadoba Andhari and Kanha tiger reserves.

Nagzira is a magical place—home to tigers, leopards, dholes, jungle cats, sloth bears, spotted hyenas, jackals, and herbivores such as gaurs, sambars, nilgais and chitals. An astonishing variety of butterflies and birds, reptiles and amphibians also flourish in this living outdoor museum.

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