BHADRAWATI JAIN TEMPLE (Chandrapur – Maharashtra – India)

 Bhadrawati Jain Temple a Historic Jain temple is located at a distance of 27 kms from Chandrapur. The temple is dedicated to 23rd Jain Tirthankar Parshvanath known as Kesariyaji Parshvanath located in Bhadrawati.

The statue of Bhagwan Shri Parshvanath is around 2500 years old and is the main idol here. It is an ancient structure which was recognised by the archaeological department of India. The Indian government has declared this Tirth as a protected memorial. The Temple was entrusted by the government of India to Svetambara Jain Sangha.

Bhadrawati Jain Temple is a magnificent structure at the entrance there is wide staircase which leads to the mandap, each and every pillar that's present within the temple has been carved out of stone and has beautiful illustrations of gods and ancient folklore, all these are beautifully expressed. The outer walls of the temple are decorated with stone carvings with intricate designs, the temple also follows the principle of symmetry in its architecture, there is a blend of Indian temple architecture with a modern touch. The idols that are placed at the top are covered with glass which adds on to the beauty.

The temple is a true masterpiece, people from various part of the world come to visit this temple, the atmosphere here is filled with peace and tranquillity. There is Bhojansala where food is served every day (the food served is free), Dharamshala is also present in the temple premises pilgrims can stay, there are attached bath and toilets within the accommodation. The Goshala which was constructed for the welfare of cows is maintained very well. Every year on the dark half of the month of magasar a fair is held.

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