BALLALPUR FORT (Chandrapur – Maharashtra – India)

 The Ballalpur Fort, a ruined architecture in the Ballalpur town is one of the famous tourist attractions in the vicinity of Chandrapur in the state of Maharashtra. It is 16 kms southeast of Chandrapur. Ballalpur is recently being recognize for the coal mines and paper mills it possesses, making the Ballalpur fort prone to tourists and visitors. The building, however ruined is still majestic to look at, in the middle of the woods and the wild.

The Ballalpur Fort was built by the Good King Khandakya Ballalshah, who ruled over the place with Ballalpur as the capital city. He is known to establish Chandrapur as well which is one of the famous districts of Maharashtra, known for many tourist attractions. He built the fort on the Eastern bank of the Warda river that flows through the area. The Ballalpur fort was built during 1437-62 AD. The fort, in the shape of a large square is built inside walls and bastions. Most of the buildings which stood tall once are now completely in ruins. However the walls on the outside still stand tall and royal in all their glory. The gates are also intact and they are sat at right angles to each other. On the side of the Warda river exists another small gate.

The fort is one of the three famous forts located in the district of Chandrapur: the Ballalpur fort, the Chandrapur fort and the Manikgarh fort). All of these forts are of tribal origin. The Ballalpur fort, besides it's historical value also holds a certain tourist place value. With the ruins it's set in, the wilderness of the area and the rawness of the whole place, it invites an adventurer right inside. It is a place to visit, admire and bask in. The whole fort takes you to an other place, somewhere far from your worries and daily troubles. It makes you escape into another zone, the feeling of vacations, travelling and exploring sets in. Chandrapur is best to visit during November to February when the temperature is perfect. All the other seasons come with extreme weather conditions.

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